List of ongoing research projects

  1. General Rehabilitation

  2. Visual Impairment

  3. Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

  4. Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

  5. Motor Impairment

  6. Communication Disorders

General Rehabilitation

Shikako-Thomas, Shevell, Oskoui, Lach, Camden, Maynard, Guest & Bergeron, CP2: Engaging Community Partners for Children’s Participation

Dahan, Mazer, Darsaklis, Guindon, Lafrance, Shikako-Thomas, Cloutier, Saindon & Fichten, Inter-Establishment Analysis of Rehabilitation Service Continuum for Youth with Physical Disabilities (EASY)

Johnson, Bodur & Grohman, When There is Noise! Investigating the Impact of Auditory Stimuli in Retail Environments on Elderly Consumers’ Shopping Decision Quality and Search Efficiency

Lalumière-Cloutier & Cantin, The quality of integration in child care systems : the point of view of parents, public daycare directors and health and social services professionals

Anaby, Li, Mazhar, Messina, Moyse, White, Validating the Youth-Report Version of the Participation and Environment Measure for Children and Youth (PEM-CY)

Mazer, Slanik, Farella, Lapierre-Hamel, Desaulniers-Rioux, Collard & Desjardins, Inclusive Play in Splashpad®: Description of the Play Behavior of Children with Physical, Social, and/or Intellectual Disabilities in Water Playgrounds

Peters, "Not Just Black and White": Black Canadian Communicative Styles in Institutional Interactions

Mazer, Kairy, Kehayia & Swaine, Mall as a Living Lab: Learning Together to Improve Rehabilitation, Participation and Social Inclusion for People Living with Disabilities

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Visual Impairment

Wittich, St-Amour & Héroux, Validity and Reliability of a New Low Vision Rehabilitation Device: A Clinical Pilot Study Using the LuxIQ

Wittich & Seiple, The Influence of Lighting on Reading Performance

Wittich, Johnson & Marinier, Assessment of the Apple iPad as a low-vision reading aid – Phase 2

Leroux, Ratelle, Robichaud, Zabihaylo, Mailhot & Martel, Étude comparative d’efficacité des signaux sonores destinés aux personnes ayant une déficience visuelle

Overbury, Faubert & Wanet-Defalque, Enhancing Visual Function with Fixation-Stability and Eye-Movement Training

Harrar, Ptito & Spence, Multisensory Hebbian Learning: Generating Multisensory Cortical Connections by Training with Simultaneous Crossmodal Stimuli

Coutinho, Bosisio, Brown, Rishikof, Skaf & Zhang, Effectiveness of iPad Apps on Visual Motor Skills among Children with Special Needs between 4-7 Years: A Pilot Study

Vachon & Noel, Exploring how Physical Leisure Activities are Adapted for Seniors with a Visual Impairment and their Perceived Benefits

Jarry & Martiniello, The Perception and Use of Technology with Regard to Braille Teaching

McCusker, Freeman, Sussman, Cole, Sewitch, Strumpf & Yaffe, Adapting a Depression Self-Care Intervention for Adults with Low Vision

Johnson, Wittich & Overbury, Assessment of the Apple iPad as a Low-Vision Reading Aid

Boxerman & Overbury, The Effects of Group Rehabilitation on Depression in Older Adults with Age-Related Vision Loss

Mailhot, Ratelle, Leroux & Zabihaylo, A Comparative Study of Sound Signals for Visually-Impaired and Blind Pedestrians

Cooperstock, In situ Audio Services (3D Geographic Interaction for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals)

Lepore & Frasnelli, Olfactory Function in Blindness

Johnson & Gurnsey, Peripheral Vision in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Champoux & Maheu, The Impact of Cochlear Implants on the Vestibular System and its Functions

Duha, Lehmann, Zeitouni, Paquette & Peretz, Processing of Musical and Vocal Emotions through Cochlear Implants

Ménard, Turgeon & St-Amour, Speech Perception, Speech Production and Intelligibility in Children with Cochlear Implants: A Behavioral, Articulatory and Electrophysiology Study

Lehmann, Schönwiesner & Nozaradan, Neural mechanisms underlying multisensory integration in cochlear implant users

Champoux, Newman, Lepore & Leroux, Predicting Cochlear Implant Outcomes

Siddiqui, Bedos & Macdonald, Access to and Utilization of Dental Services by the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Population in Montreal: A Participatory Research Study

Phillips & Frtusova, Effect of Auditory Visual Speech Perception on Working Memory in the Hearing Impaired

Li, St. Onge, Wittich, Gagné, Phillips, Bherer, Campos & Pichora-Fuller, The Impact of Hearing Impairment on Mobility in Older Adults: Moving from Lab to Life

Bergeron, The Province-wide Cochlear Implant Database

Bergeron, Bussières, Duchesne, Ferron, Losier & Tremblay, Benefits of Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in Deaf Children with a Short-term Sequential Approach

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Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Wittich, Southall, Gagné & Guthrie, Independent Ageing in Place: How Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination Impact Adaptive Technology Uptake and Use by Older Quebecers with Dual Sensory Impairment – Project 3

Wittich & Guthrie, Examination of the Relationship between Objective Measures of Sensory Function and Subjective Evaluation using Standardized Assessments in Individuals with Vision and/or Hearing Loss

Wittich, Southall, Gagné, Lagacé, Leroux & Guthrie, The Perception of Assistive Technology Devices for Dual Sensory Impairment from the Perspective of Newly Diagnosed Older Adults

Southall, Fraser & Wittich, How Stereotyping may Impact Adoption and Use of Adaptive Technologies by Older Adults with Dual Sensory Loss: The Clinicians’ Perspective

Wittich, Johnson & Southall, Dual Sensory Impairment: Usability of Assistive Hearing Devices for Older Adults with Low Vision

Southall, Wittich, Lagacé & Fraser, Characterization of how Assistive Technology Devices for Hearing and Vision Loss are Portrayed in the Media

Mulrooney, Wittich, Thomas, Southall, Overbury & Barstow, Best Practice for Sensory Screening in Older Adults by Occupational Therapists: Where are we and where should we be?

Leroux, Measurement of Oto-acoustic Emission Suppression in Congenitally Blind Individuals

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Motor Impairment

Shikako-Thomas, The Development of AUMI Guidelines for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Levin, Wittich, Cote, Lillie, Abdulrahman, Desai & Steven, Upper Extremity Splinting for Children with Neurological Conditions

Breitner & Horrell, The Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: Short-Term Outcomes of Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Anaby, Majnemer, Feldman & Law, Opening Doors to Participation of Youth with Physical Disabilities in Community-Based Activities: An Intervention Study

Oskoui, Shevell & Joseph, Prevalence and Healthcare Utilization Pattern of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Quebec

Darsaklis, Snider, Montpetit & Wittich, Determining Use of Evidence-based Practice in Determining Intervention for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Introducing CPEngine

Bergthorson, Coutinho, Choiniere, Goodman, Milton, Ryan & Scazzosi, Facilitators and Barriers to Knowledge Use: Perceptions of Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Anaby, Opening Doors to Participation of Youth with Physical Disabilities in Community Activities: A Pilot Study

Swaine, Identifying and understanding facilitators and obstacles to participation/inclusion within a commercial mall for persons with a physical disability: Towards the creation of enabling environments

Ruel, Moreau, Bérubé & April, Transition Practices in Children’s Pre-School Entry – Evaluation of the Guide for Supporting a Successful First Transition to School

Scherer, Dubé, Shevell, Fehlings & Andersen, Screening for Genetic Variants in Cerebral Palsy

Shevell, Oskoui, Andersen, Goez, Yager, Fehlings, Wood, Buckley, Van Rensburg & Kirton, The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry

Majnemer, Martineau, Gardiner, Montpetit, Ruck-Gibis, Thibault, Guimond, Nguyen, Guay-Désy, Salvo & Lepage, The QUALA Study: Quality of Life and Leisure in Adolescents

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Communication Disorders

Rvachew, Rees & Morrison-Visentin, Preschoolers’ Relative Engagement with Print and Electronic Storybooks and Outcome Evaluation of a Parent’s Training on Shared Reading as an Indirect Intervention

Hani & Nadig, Memory and Language Profiles in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specific Language Impairment

Morrison-Visentin & Rvachew, Efficacy of Parent Training along with Individual Video Feedback Sessions on Dialogic Book Reading with Language-Impaired Children

Trudeau, Sutton, Morford & Smith, Abilities that Contribute to the Use of Graphic Symbols

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