Research Procedures

Research Intent Evaluation:

In order to initiate a new research study, primary investigator(s) must complete and submit a Form A (New Study Submission for Research Ethics Certification) to the Ethics Board at the CRIR. This applied to both studies initiated from within the MMRC as well as from external researchers (universities etc.)

Evaluation Criteria for Institutional Approval:

  • The project must be feasible within the resources provided by the MMRC and within the resources provided by the applicant team
  • The project is relevant to the mission of the MMRC
  • Recruitment of participants and study execution does not interfere with service delivery or recruitment of other already active research projects.
  • Research Ethics

    The applicant is responsible for obtaining research ethics approval through the ethics review board of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR). For details, policies and the required forms, please see their web site: www.crir.ca


    In order for a researcher or research assistant to access client files at the MMRC, the main researcher and all other individuals involved in data access must sign a request for access authorization to client files for education or research as well as a confidentiality agreement approved by the person responsible for CRMM archives.

    Research Dissemination

    The diffusion of results of all research projects will form part of an agreement between the researcher and MMRC. The final results of completed studies must be presented to MMRC staff in the form of a presentation.


    All publications resulting from collaboration with the MMRC must be acknowledged. Visual presentations (i.e. posters or PowerPoint slides) must contain the MMRC logo.

    For questions, please contact:

    Jonathan Jarry
    Clinical Research Coordinator            
    514-488-5552 ext. 1128
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