A set of activities related to analytical work and experimentation, performed as part of a specific project, with or without subsidy, involving resources in order to acquire new or apply existing knowledge, establish facts or principles in order to improve practices related to professional services provided to a specific population. These activities can be of basic, clinical, epidemiological, evaluative or exploratory nature.

Intra-Institutional Research

Research-related activities initiated within the MMRC

Inter-Institutional Research Collaboration - Local and Beyond

Research activities that include collaborations with municipal, provincial, national and international partners

Knowledge Transfer

An interactive process between research users and research producers: transfer of research knowledge into the clinically applied domain

Chart Review

Research activities based on the review of client files that do not require direct contact with clients for the purpose of data collection

Conflict of Interest

A competition between an individual’s private interests and his/her professional obligations at the MMRC (as an employee or external invited researcher) at a degree that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the individual’s professional actions or decisions are determined by considerations of personal gain, financial or otherwise.

Internal Research Committee (IRC)

Committee whose mandate it is to evaluate research requests (internal and external), assess and identify potential conflicts of interest and implicate potentially necessary other parties, and to decide which projects will be supported based on the research priorities of the MMRC. The members on the committee are at least:

  • The MMRC Executive Director
  • The MMRC Research Coordinator
  • The MMRC Executive Counsellor for the Development of Clinical Practice

For questions, please contact:

Jonathan Jarry
Clinical Research Coordinator            
514-488-5552 ext. 1128
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