Research Policy

The participation in university-level research activities is part of the MMRC’s mission which is to maximize our clients’ autonomy and community participation in order to improve their quality of life. These activities serve as a cornerstone for the development of excellence at MMRC through innovative and best clinical practices. The MMRC is one of three partner members, together with the six original founding member institutions, of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR). The CRIR is responsible for the ethical evaluation of research projects involving human subjects that are undertaken at MMRC.

The main objectives of research are:
  • Establish research orientations in view of the MMRC’s clienteles;
  • Ensure the relevance, the quality and the follow-up of the research projects within the MMRC;
  • Ensure respect, confidentiality and security of clients participating in research projects.
In keeping with its mission and strategic plan, the MMRC has identified three main research axes:
  • Clinical Research – impairment specific projects aimed at answering clinically relevant questions;
  • Knowledge Transfer – exchange of information in order to improve both practice and knowledge;
  • Service Delivery Models – comparison of new methods of service delivery to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The MMRC promotes the advancement of research awareness and understanding in order to improve service delivery. Clinical and administrative staff alike is encouraged to be involved in or initiate research-related activities within the MMRC.

Supporting research projects educates employees about research goals and methodology, allows them to better understand and apply research and to view the service provision process from a more critical perspective.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the services provided, the MMRC promotes research activities that include collaborations with municipal, provincial, national and international partners. These collaborations are intended to improve the quality of research by accessing multiple areas of expertise while promoting the visibility of the MMRC profile outside the institution.

For questions, please contact:

Jonathan Jarry
Clinical Research Coordinator            
514-488-5552 ext. 1128

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