Braille Production Service

Hands over a Braille Book
The Braille Production Service at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, through a contractual agreement with the Quebec Ministry of Education, undertakes the transcription of didactic materials from print to braille, for the English speaking students in elementary and secondary schools in Quebec. In addition, braille requests from the community and clients are evaluated, and if feasible, can be produced for a fee. All braille produced by the Braille Production Service meets the standards set by The Braille Authority of North America.

The Service provides:

  • English contracted and uncontracted braille
  • French uncontracted braille
  • Nemeth (math/science) braille
  • print/braille books
  • tactile diagrams, maps and graphs
  • Braille Library of approximately 3,000 titles
  • courses in braille transcription
  • promotional work with community
  • part-time summer employment and funding of two braille-using students
  • an annual Braille Writing Event for students and clients

The Braille Production Service aims to promote an awareness of braille and its importance to the blind and visually impaired.

For more information:

Eleanor Diamond -
Telephone: 514-488-5552, ext. 3080

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