MAB-Mackay Users’ Committee

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ASL video of the page's content

The MAB-Mackay Users’ Committee consists of representatives from the various client groups served by the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre. Defined by the Quebec Act respecting health and social services, the mandate of the Users’ Committee is to:

  • Inform users of their rights and obligations;
  • Assist users in filing a complaint;
  • Determine users’ satisfaction with services;
  • Foster the improvement of the quality of living conditions for users.

Members of the committee participate in various committees of the Centre, such as the Technical Aids Boutique Committee, the Accreditation Overearching Committee and the Risk Management Committee; certain members are also members of the Board of Directors.

For more information:

The MAB-Mackay Users’ Committee can be reached at the following:

Telephone: 514-488-5552, ext. 2023
TTY:           514-482-0487
Fax:            514-489-3477

Committee's E-mail:

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