Services for Assistive Technology:


  • Children and adolescents 0-17 years old (or 18-21 years old if still attending high school)
  • Motor or language-impaired clients with significant and persistent disabilities which limit access to their environment or their ability to communicate
  • Registered or not in another program at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre

Services offered:

A team consisting of a speech and language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and a rehabilitation assistant, provides the following services:

  • Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Clinical fol¬low-up and technical support
  • Recommendations regarding technical aids and technology for oral, non-verbal, and written communication, telephone adaptations and environmental controls
  • Equipment trials and loan
  • Collaboration with SAT- Motor for wheelchair integrated systems

Available devices:

  • Communication devices (oral, written and telephone)
  • Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADL)
  • Adapted keyboards
  • Adapted software for reading

Services are offered at:

  • The Mackay site

To access services:

  • To be eligible for services, an individual must have a specific diagnosis related to a motor, or language impairment and report significant and persistent disabilities which limit access to his environment or his ability to communicate.
  • The referral source must include a Speech and Language Pathology or Occupational Therapy report documenting functional status, areas of impairment and needs, and the Referral form (click to download) also available at extension 2190.
  • Request for Services Form (DSIE - FRIE Form for professionals working within the Ministry of Health and Social Services Network).
  • All documents must be sent to Reception-Admission-Archives

To make a request for services:
Service de l'accueil, évaluation, orientation (AEO)

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