Board of Directors

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Role and responsibilities:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the efficient operation of the Centre. It establishes priorities, provides the necessary guidelines and adopts bylaws enabling the Centre to conduct its business. The Board also ensures the effectiveness of services provided to clients and the respect of users' rights.

Members 2014-2015

Sara Saber-Freedman

Marlene Jennings (1st)
Patrick Trent (2nd)

Scott Rodie

Graham Martin

Associate Directors
Christine Boyle
Theodora Brinckman
Patrizia Ciccarelli
Randy Robins
David Stenason
Allan O. Aitken
David Aspinall
Fred Braman
Hugh Brodie
Thomas M. Davis
Lucio D'Intino
Michael DiGrappa
Helene Hagelstam
Marlene Jennings
Rajesh Malik
Graham Martin
Patricia O’Connor
Scott Rodie
Sara Saber-Freedman
Valerie Shannon
Daniel Tingley
Patrick Trent
Stanley Vincelli
Andrea Wolff

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