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Accessible Resources

  • OnRouleAuQuébec

    Directory of accessible resources
    (only in French)
    Built BY and FOR people with reduced mobility, OnRouleAuQuébec is a directory of accessible resources available for them.
    OnRouleAuQuébec’s mission is to facilitate the lives of people with reduced mobility or those living with a handicap by easily giving them access to information they need, like a directory of accessible businesses and dwellings for rent, as well as a list of resources available to them.

  • Parasport Jumpstart Fund

    The Paralympic Committee in collaboration with Canadian Tire Foundation has created a found to help youngsters with disabilities to integrate sport activities.

    The Parasport Jumpstart Fund was created by Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Canadian Paralympic Committee to help get more kids across Canada involved in sport. The fund helps to support the costs of sports and recreational programs for children between the ages of four and 18, who are financially disadvantaged and living with a disability. Funds may be used towards registration, transportation and equipment costs for children within approved Parasport programs.

    Funding Criteria:

    • Children aged 4-18
    • Focuses on recruitment programming and sport opportunities for people with a disability
    • Financially disadvantaged children
    • Funding provided to support creation of a new program or go towards the expansion of an existing successful initiative providing a positive introductory Parasport experience, including registration subsidies (which could include facility rental space, coaching, volunteer training) and transportation costs

    How To Apply

    Jumpstart requires that all interested organizations who would like to apply to the Parasport Jumpstart Fund become a Community partner. Please visit https://jumpstart.smartsimple.ca/files/407846/f91413/Login_Page.html to begin the registration process.

    Once you have been approved as a Jumpstart Community Partner you will be able to begin your application process.

    We recommend that all applicants view the Community Partner Submission and Registration Guide (PDF) to help complete your application.

    Who Can Apply?

    • National Sport Organizations
    • Provincial Sport Organizations
    • Multi-Sport Organizations
    • Clubs or other Community based organizations
    • Municipal Parks and Recreation Associations/Departments
    • Health Professionals
    • A charitable organization registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency;
    • An organization incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation or society;
    • An unincorporated branch or chapter of a registered charity or incorporated not-for-profit organization. The incorporated organization or registered charity must authorize the application and accept responsibility for any approved grant;
    • A First Nation, Métis or other Aboriginal community

  • Participation Knowledge Hub

    A knowledge hub for parents, services providers and researchers

    Where to find practical, inspiring resources about participation for children and youth with disabilities. Resources include: tip sheets, youth and parent interviews, and an electronic measurement tool that automatically provides reports.

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Leisure Accessible Activities

  • The Accessible Road

    an essential planning tool you can use for your next trip!
    http://www.larouteaccessible.com/en Traveling alone, traveling as a couple, with friends or with family. Travel "accessible".
    Looking forward to your next vacation? Travelling with an aging parent, a child in a stroller or a loved one with a functional limitation, whether a visual, hearing or other physical impairment? The Accessible Road is an essential planning tool you can use for your next trip!

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List of Audible Pedestrian Signals Installed and to Come

The following link will bring you to the list of Audible Pedestrian Signals (APS), regularly updated on the Regroupement des Aveugles et Amblyopes du Montréal Métropolitain’s Website. (RAAMM)

The 133 Audible Pedestrian Signals currently in service on the territory of the City of Montreal are listed in the first table on this page.

The following tables include a partial listing of the APS, borough by borough. The boroughs are in alphabetical order, as well as the intersections where the APS are installed.

All these tables have two columns. The first column identifies the intersections by listing in alphabetical order the streets that meet there. The second column lists the intersections where the APS are installed.

To access a particular table, activate the corresponding link in the following list. Alternatively, JAWS users can move from one table to another by pressing a or CAP-a.

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