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You want to learn ASL (American Sign Language)? Register for the 2016 Intensive Summer Session.

The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Center offers courses in ASL beginning from the 100-level up to the advanced 300-level.

A student who completes the courses within the entire ASL program will possess the ease of communicating with the Deaf, hard-of-hearing or any other ASL students. He/she will also have all the tools necessary to begin a venture into the professional ASL/English interpreting vocation if so desired.

Register for the 2016 Intensive Summer Session... For more information, click on this link

You can register to the 2016 Intensive Summer Session by filling out the registration form here.

Send your completed registration forms with payment by mail before June 22 2016 at the following address:

MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Center

Att : ASL Course

Site MAB – 7000 Sherbrooke ouest

Montréal (Québec) H4B 1R3

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